Lotti Groll

Lotti is a creative entrepreneur, business style blogger, content creator and visual storyteller based in Berlin, Germany but down for seeing the world.

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I'm Lotti, creator and stylist behind all the content you can see on this blog. My space focuses not only on my love of smart dressing but also on my love for planning, behind the scenes of my two businesses and all that lies between.


Raised in the German countryside I didn't see anybody that looked like me inside those glossy magazines I was devouring. I finally learned what looks best on me - fashion and beauty-wise but it took a lot of trial and error.


I started blogging after the birth of my daughter in 2009 and kept on doing so while finding my identity as a mother and during the following years while changing career paths several times. The names of my blog and even the focus may have changed over the years but blogging became a constant passion.


Currently, I run the latest incarnation of my online space with the accompanying planner & stationery store, creating content for small businesses while running my main creative businesses. When I'm not working or blogging, you'll find me messing up the kitchen trying to learn how to cook, strolling through the park with my family or dreaming up new creative endeavours.

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